Sugar Glider wooden house Size S..RM15 each.

Overall Dimension: 24” X 24” X 66”. 
Cage Dimension: 24” X 24” X 56”. 
Bar Spacing: 3/8”. 
Large Door Opening.
2 Doors, top and bottom.
2 Wooden Perches.
4 Double Plastic Feeding Cups.
4 Soft Rubber Caster, friendly with hard hardwood floor for moving around. 
Color: White with Blue frame and Beige top , coated with non-toxic paint. 
Litter tray can easily be removed for cleaning.

RM369 Firm


Overall Dimension: 18” X18” X62”.
Cage Dimension: 18” X 18” X 38”.
Bar Spacing: 9/16”.
Large Door Opening.
Play Pen top with removable litter tray for easy cleaning.
2 Wooden Perches.
4 Stainless Steel Feeding Cups.
Feeding cups inside the cage all with individual doors.
4 Soft Rubber Caster, friendly with hard hardwood floor for moving around.
Color: Hammertone Silver

Seed catcher around the cage for additional cleanliness.
Litter tray can easily be removed for cleaning.

( Seed catcher is not included in cage dimension, add 4" to each side of the
cage ).
                                                       RM348 Firm

New Good Quality Bird/Sugar Glider/Iguanas cage,.Is new and it comes with 2 small door n 1 main top door .Colour white.. Come with hard plastic tray. Quality/ material/ workmanship are goodSize 33"L X 14"W X 17"H
Price RM99 Firm.(B311T)

New Heavy Duty Quality cage,for sugar glider/iguanas and bird too..Is new and it comes in box with Epoxy Coating Black/white colour Quality/ material/ workmanship are good.Outside selling RM400++
                  Size 30 1/2"L x 21"W x 53"H                                      RM299 Firm

 Big Heavy Duty Parrot Cages for Your Parrot..Size 32"L x 23"W x 65"H
Colour Hammertone Silver
Come with 2 metal trays,2 wood perches,4 pcs of seed guard,5 porcelain cups,castor wheels with brake..
assemble without nuts and bolts and easy to knock down..

Price RM575 Firm

Parrot Stand
Dimensions: 25.5"L X 17"W X 39"H
Colors: Black
Price RM168 firm

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